Why Saving for a Grade 9 or 10 Is Worth the Wait

Ever known someone who owned a Toyota Camry?  Maybe you have one yourself.  It's a safe bet that 91.9% of Camry owners wish they had saved up just a bit more to splurge for, well anything else.  The car is fine, and plain.  Period.  Of course, loyal Camry owners will go on about safety, dependability and so on.  And that’s exactly how I’d describe most PSA 8 graded football cards.  Good quality. Dependable. Average. Boring. Common. In card collecting it’s all about the search for the gems, the anti-common, the beauties that make your collection stand out.   With uniqueness setting the bar, the market is driven by jersey cards, autos or any limited prints from 1/99, 1/25, 1/10 or even just 1/1.  It’s all about having something that is scarce.  And it must be mint!

It’s the same with those treasured rookie cards and we all know the ONLY way to have a unique one is to ensure it is in cherry condition.  Anyone can go out and buy a PSA 8.  But that NM-MT 8 makes that great card the Toyota Camry of your collection.  And yes, it will cost you to upgrade.

But you will never regret saving up to buy a nice MINT 9 or splurge for a pristine GM MT 10.  And if you're like most collectors, you're probably just a bit TOO passionate about your cards.  You’ll enjoy every second that you get to spend quality time with your PSA 9... going on longs walks on the beach together... staring at those four beautifully sharp corners, and gazing at the amazing slender frame and perfect centering; and of course showing it off to your friends (or your message board cyber-friends).

 Well, hopefully you aren’t peering at Tom Brady, or worse, Terry Bradshaw a bit TOO long, but you have to admit everyone gives that extra glance to a PSA9 or 10.

Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule, and in the vintage world SOME 8’s can be the crown jewel.  At times a card will even skyrocket beyond its true value (basically, any super rare vintage cards or any Tim Tebow card ever printed), making the price just too steep.  But for the most part, if a PSA 9 or 10 is expensive, it’s because it should be.  These rules ESPECIALLY apply if you venture into buying any cards from the late 80’s or early 90’s.  Really, there’s no real explanation for buying any card from that era that isn’t graded at least a 9.

Never mind that the those three letters, P-S-A, will ensure a more likely chance of an increase in value, but you’ll also be less susceptible to the bottom dropping out if the player throws 10 interceptions or decides to go for an ill advised joyride on a Harley.

Look, you won’t have any regrets when people ask you, ‘is that your Porsche?’ so why should cards be any different?

A nicely graded football card might not get you as many dates as a 944 Turbo, but unlike a Porsche, it might make you some money in the long run.  So stop shopping for that Camry, and splash the cash for a GM MT 10, it’s worth it.

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