1976 Topps Walter Payton Rookie Card Rising in Value

Walter Payton played for the Chicago Bears for 13 seasons, during which he would dominate the league and become one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. He won both a NFL MVP award and a Super Bowl during his career.  Those memories are just some of the reasons why the 1976 Topps Walter […]

Recent NFL Retirees Worth the Rookie Card Investment

As father time catches up to every athlete at some stage, each era passes the torch onto  another.  In the retro world, once an NFL gridiron great retires, it takes a few years for that torch to be lit for vintage collectors. We’ve got a few suggestions for recently retired players worth investing in, as […]

Most Popular Hall of Famer Rookie Cards

Popularity.  If there’s ever been a term that should be tough to quantify, it’s popularity.  But in today’s world, people have not only figured out a way to quantify popularity, but many more have made a living monetizing it.  The sports card landscape is a perfect example, and this list is a popularity contest of […]

Collecting Vintage Football Cards is Always Trendy

If you’ve ever had a discussion about the ‘best player in NFL history’, the conversation has probably included passionate quotes like these: ‘Joe Montana is the greatest player of all-time, he was Mr Clutch.’ ‘Montana had the benefit of great teams and the actual greatest player: JERRY RICE.’ ‘John Elway went to 3 Super Bowls […]

Top 5 Football Rookie Cards of the 1960s

It was a remarkable decade for the NFL and a period that launched the careers of some terrific stars.  Pinning down the best football rookie cards of the 1960’s is a little like picking which child is your favorite.  We start with a little history. “The Sixties” stood for many things.  In the sporting world, […]

Best NFL Rookie Cards of Defensive Players

Enough with all the offense.  The modern day NFL is a quarterback dominated league, and we’d like to take a few minutes to reflect upon a simpler time, when 3 yards and a cloud of dust…well, was actually an executed strategy.   In that vain, we take a look back at the Top 10 defensive player […]

Vintage Dallas Cowboys Rookie Cards

Collecting your favorite players on your favorite teams is still one of the best methods of football card collecting.  The storied history of some teams allows for quite a diverse set of options.  Dallas Cowboys rookie cards date back to the franchise’s beginnings in the early 1960s–but we wouldn’t fault you for tackling what might […]

Investing in Joe Namath football cards

There are no ‘guaranteed’ investments, much less sure things in the football card market.  But if there’s ever been a player that has a great chance of continuing to increase in value for a long time, that player is Joe Namath.  Immensely skilled and wildly popular during his relatively short but brilliant career, Namath was […]

Where to Buy Football Cards of Investment Quality

Technology has sure changed our lives forever, and the trading card market is no exception to the trends.  But while there are many trading card and auction websites out there, there is still something uniquely great about a card show.  Just as it isn’t quite the same only watching football on TV, it isn’t quite […]