2000 SP Authentic Tom Brady

Tom Brady entered the NFL in 2000 as a 6th round pick out of Michigan, and nobody could’ve predicted his eventual success. Three Super Bowl victories, two NFL MVP awards, and several records would follow.  Brady's 2000 SP Authentic rookie card is among the quarterback's most desirable issues and continues to attract attention from collectors and investors.  Each was serial numbered by Upper Deck to a total of 1,250 made.

Tom Brady rookie cardCondition is still the most important factor in determining value. The majority of Tom Brady rookie cards on the market, however, are of very high grades, so even the slightest differences in grade equate to very large differences in price. Those cards graded at the mint 9 level, of which 167 existed on PSA's Population Report as of the fall of 2012,  sell usually sell for around $800. Those examples at 9.5, however, routinely sell for upwards of $1200. The highest grade examples, those given the Gem Mint 10 designation by BGS or PSA, sell for $2,000 and up.  The slightest corner nick, usually visible only under magnification, could lower the grade by half a point and result in a decrease in price of $400 or more.

The 2000 SP Authentic Tom Brady rookie is one of many Brady rookie cards on the market.  However, time has allowed it to become the one many collectors and investors have chosen to focus on.

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