1972 Topps Roger Staubach Rookie Card

Roger Staubach entered the NFL in 1969 as a tenth round pick with very few expectations. He, however, would enjoy incredible amounts of success during his eleven seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, winning two Super Bowls and elevating the Cowboys to a position of greatness through his play.  Staubach served a military commitment after a stellar college career at Navy, then joined the Cowboys and became a Hall of Fame signal caller.

There were a fair amount of Topps cards printed in 1972, but high grade examples of the Staubach rookie card are fairly elusive.  Roger Staubach rookie cardThe 1972 Topps set was printed before football cards had begun to explode, so there weren’t as many Roger Staubach rookie cards printed with only just over 1,100 having been graded by the PSA over the last 20 years.  Of the 1,100 graded, only two have received the grade of PSA 10, and less than thirty have been graded at PSA 9.

In 2008, one of those graded mint 9  sold at auction for more than $3,700. Those graded at PSA 8 usually sell for less than $450, and those graded at PSA 7 often sell for less than $250. Examples graded at PSA 6 and below often sell for less than $100.

Those Roger Staubach rookie cards graded at PSA 8 and above are excellent potential investments. Later sets were often printed in much, much larger numbers, so there are far fewer Roger Staubach rookie cards available and a large demand from collectors of Hall of Fame rookie cards, 1972 Topps and Dallas Cowboys collectors. The scarcity of these cards keeps them in constant demand.

If there are fewer cards on the market, if a buyer wishes to own a 1972 Topps Roger Staubach, he will have to pay some sort of premium to buy one. This characteristic allows these cards to demand very high prices, especially at auction. This card, too, like the majority of vintage cards is a very stable long term investment because they have the potential to appreciate in value over time. The scarcity and potential to appreciate over time make them a very strong investment in the long term, especially at the higher levels.

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