Joe Namath Rookie Card Stands Tall

Joe Namath was a quarterback for the NY Jets for twelve successful seasons, during which he would win two MVP awards and the only Super Bowl in the team's history.  As one of the most popular players on one of the teams with the largest, strongest fan bases, Namath football cards are always in high demand. The stable prices and consistently strong demand make the 1965 Topps Joe Namath rookie card a very popular choice for those putting together a collection of graded football cards.

The 1965 Topps issue featured tall, rectangular cards of American Football League players.  This has contributed to a lack of high grade examples across the board.  Namath was larger than life, though, so perhaps it's appropriate.  The photo was taken while Namath was in the hospital, which has only added to the legendary status of the card.

In 2001, a '65 Namath graded mint 9 by PSA, sold for $20,000.   Those in near mint and near mint-mint graded form routinely sell at auction in the range of $1,500 and $5,000. L ower grade examples, like those graded at PSA 6 and PSA 4, often sell for $900 and $500, respectively. Scarcity and grade, therefore, play a large role in determining price.

Because Joe Namath was such a popular football player, his cards are always in demand and are a very stable investment. They, like most vintage football cards, will appreciate in value over time. In addition, as one of the most popular players in league history thanks to his playboy image and the successful guarantee of victory in Super Bowl III that made him a legend, there will always be a large market for his cards. The scarcity of his cards, too, will always keep them in high demand, which makes them a very stable long term investment. Due to the constant demand for 1965 Topps Joe Namath rookie card, they can be a very rewarding long term purchase for any collector.

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