1948 Leaf Sammy Baugh

Hall of Fame quarterback Sammy Baugh played for the Washington Redskins for 16 seasons, during which he would change the game of football forever. While  Baugh may not have had as much relative success as many other Hall of Fame, his contribution to the game, the forward pass, made him one of the most important football players of all time. There are very few of his rookie cards in existence, making them very scarce. Scarcity and antiquity make his 1948 Leaf rookie card a very stable, long term investment.

Baugh's status at the time is confirmed by the use of his "Slingin' Sammy" nickname on the front of the card.

Very few cards were produced in this early set, and even fewer still exist today.  As of the fall of 2012, there had been only one Sammy Baugh rookie card graded at PSA 9, three graded at PSA 8.5, and only sixteen graded at PSA 8. These cards, therefore, are extremely scarce. Cards graded at PSA 8 have sold at auction for anywhere between $7,000 and $8,000. Lower grade examples, too, are valuable; cards graded at PSA 6 and PSA 4 usually sell for around $500 and $200, respectively. Due to their scarcity and age, the 1948 Leaf Sammy Baugh is valuable at most grades.  There are also a number of Baugh rookie cards that have been graded by SGC.  Both companies are reputable.

Due to high demand and accompanying desire from collectors, the card is a very stable investment. The age and low population figures keep this card in constant demand, which keeps prices stable at high. Auctions present the majority of the risk for a potential investor, but if precautions are taken to ensure an interested audience, the prices that are realized will be high. Because there are so few 1948 Leaf Sammy Baugh rookie cards around, if buyers really want to own one, they will pay excessively high prices to get the card they want.   Research prices on eBay and via Google searches to see what price level might provide the best opportunity for value.

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